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Published on 13 August,2020

Recent announcement by Inec on the date for the conduct of the senatorial election has inspired progressives across the senatorial district to run for office.

It’s incredibly exciting, but also requires a well thought out plan. Launching a campaign is a huge decision and the Joe Agi SAN campaign organization is prepared to ensure our campaign has a strong start indeed a strong foundation.

Recall that upon the death of our “ beloveth late most distinguished Senator Rose Oko” (may her soul Rest In Peace) we had indicated interest to inspire an endearing and enduring perspective to legislation while pursuing the agenda of attracting development to our district.

We had embarked upon consultations and consciously created an awareness about the promises of assured development that Joe Agi SAN can attract to our district.

We examined the prospect and indicated the possibility of utilizing such realistic capability to make CR-Northern District great again.

We concluded that Joe Agi SAN, by all standards, is a valuable asset to the people of the Northern Senatorial District and should so be appreciated. He is a man with enviable track records, ranging from his selflessness towards protecting the vulnerable assets of the state, at a time when others refused to do so; to his unbelievable leadership exploits in his professional career as a lawyer, who rose up to the enviable status of “Senior Advocate of Nigeria”, up to and inclusive of his strides into politics and the pursuit of liberation for our people.

Joe Agi SAN has shown his compassionate leadership and empathetic disposition towards humanity in all that he has done.

His desire to grow young lawyers through mentoring is a reflection of an unquestionable generosity of intent to improve this generation.

What about the avalanche of scholarships and sponsorship of lawyers, most of whom were unable to pay for their law school? I can go on and on, but the idea before us, that makes us to constantly classify him as the ideal candidate, is the fact that Joe Agi SAN is the next best thing for CRS-Northern District.

He possesses an impressive resume particularly on legal jurisprudence and constitutional matters.

An evaluation of his personality is a reflection of his strength. We know Joe Agi SAN as an influential personage and respected across both aisle within the Nigerian conclave.

His capacity is reflected on his legal background. He is a strong lobbyist and a strong negotiator. Joe is an erudite legal luminary who knows the law and the law knows him. The senate is a familiar territory and I must say Joe will be the eye of both Apc, Cross River Northern District and indeed Nigeria.

I dare to say that, in the current political dispensation, Joe Agi SAN, when elected Senator shall be the only SAN in the red chambers. How else can I explain the difference between him and other senators .

He shall be a reference point and indeed a converging platform for law making and interpretation for other people within the Senate. Let’s not allow sentimental judgements detrimental to our growth to mislead us.

The dice has been cast, the announcement for the election has been made by INEC. This heralds the beginning of intensive campaign ahead.

While we shall strategize to boost our capacity to convince you to get inspired to join this victory train, let me state that we know about your excitement, that at last we have a good hand to lead us to the promised land.

We know you are going to get involved. The right time is now. Don’t hesitate, don’t salivate, get involved, get serious and move the train with us. We come to you because you have a greater stake in this project. We trust you, know that we desire the best and that’s Joe Agi SAN.

There’s a brand identity for “Joe Agi SAN”. Reality check has proven that the brand is the ideal one whose time has come. Do you want to be left out?

I don’t think so, because we are all in this same page. We need the future that’s assured for our kids. Only Joe Agi SAN is the man with the Midas touch. Join him to make CR-North great.

Vote him as the APC Candidate in the ensuing election. Let your conscience lead you.

Joe Agi Media Team.

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