Eating banana with groundnut is very harmful to the body

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Published on 12 August ,2020

The food combination of bananas and groundnut is a common meal among Nigerian pet but the do not know that it’s very harmful to the body due to the following reasons:

Peanuts also called ground nuts takes about 4-5 hours to digest due to its high protein content which makes it one of the toughest foods to digest.

Peanuts contains a mixture of all Chief nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in large quantities

And due to this reason bile salts which is an emulsifying agent is the only part of the enzyme in the body capable of breaking down to groundnut for other enzymes to work on it.

But banana as a fruit doesn’t need all these long processes in order to digest because it’s a fruit and bananas takes only 2 hours to digest

However the digestion of bananas doesn’t take place in the stomach but in the small intestines but due to the addition of groundnut to meal, the bananas spends so much time in the stomach due to its difficulty in reaching the intestine on time.

Normally bananas do not have any business with the bile acid because it’s very harmful to its metabolism. Thus, when the struggle continues and metabolism is completed, the food becomes seriously fermented in the body and this fermentation causes an increase in the acid produced during digestion and this affects various organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, and other vital organs of the body.

The acidity causes pile, kidney stones and disorders, liver problems, tumours, etc.

From the above explanation, one would observe that the major reason behind this is that fruits digest faster than protein foods and fruits should be eaten alone without any combination.

Lastly, fruits should be eaten one hour before meal or three hours after meals for good health.

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