The continuous propagation of negative and image damaging publications on the person of chief Joe Agi (SAN)

Press Statement
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27 July, 2020

The chief Joe Agi (SAN) senatorial campaign organisation have in recent time read several negative and image damaging publications in this platform on her principal, chief Joe Agi (SAN).

The campaign organisation without delay wishes to inform the sponsors, supporters of other aspirants and individuals who are hell bent on discrediting the good reputations of our principal before the teaming members of the party and the general public to desist forthwith.

A man’s right to swing his hand ends where another man’s to defend his nose begins.

The perpetuators of this primitive and mundane political strategies are hereby advised to explore other decent strategies of selling the images of their principals instead of engaging in tarnishing of the hard earned reputation of chief Joe Agi.

It should be understood very clearly that nobody or group of persons have the Monopoly of playing dirty politics . Our campaign organisation is guided by the rules of modern politics and would not love to be drawn into hate speech and casting of aspersions on other aspirants irrespective of the political party participating in the northern CRS senatorial race. Let it be known that we are equally equipped if compelled.

I also wish to call on the administrators of the APC CRS leaders forum and APC northern Cross River State to thoroughly scrutinise all publications before allowing them on public domain.

However, I wish to inform members of our campaign organization and the teaming supporters of chief Joe Agi (SAN) across the state and in particular, northern senatorial district to remain law abiding as they explore modern political strategies in the quest to showcasing our principal.

On behalf of the campaign organization and our principal.

Chief Joe Agi.

I wish APC a successful outing in the forthcoming senatorial by-election.

God bless.


Hon Gabe Ugor

director general, Joe Agi (SAN) campaign organization.

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