Checkout this 5 sign that shows your gas cylinder is about to Explode and their Remedies

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21 July 2020

Have you ever seen a victim of cooking gas explosion?

It is a terrible home accident that can disfigure human being or even lead to death. It can also destroy valuable properties and assets.

Therefore it is very important for us to always monitor our gas cylinders. Check out these warning signs that might lead to gas explosion.

1. Whenever you start perceiving the smell of your gas, bear in mind that your gas has started leaking out from a source. To prevent explosion quickly turn of the regulator and identify the cause.

2. Don’t start cooking with your gas immediately after refilling it, it will lead to explosion because the gas has not settled. Any pressure on the gas cylinder can result to massive explosion.

3. Whenever you start hearing a jingling sound from the gas regulator. It is a sign that the pressure inside the gas cylinder is too much.

If adequate measure is not taken it will lead to explosion. To prevent this, remove the regulator and carry the gas outside. Then proceed to buy a new gas cylinder.

4. Whenever your cylinder stopped supplying gas to the burner. Don’t force it to work, because it can lead to explosion. Instead check if the gas regulator is faulty and replace immediately.

5. Most people use masking tape to cover a leaking gas host. This is very dangerous and a sign that the gas will explode whenever the tape weakens. To avoid this, change your gas host immediately it develops fault

Gas safety tips

  • Get any gas appliances installed and regularly serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Don’t use any gas appliances that you think aren’t working properly.
  • Make sure that ventilation bricks, grilles or outside flues aren’t covered or blocked.
  • Fit a carbon monoxide detector to use as a guide only. Don’t rely on it completely.

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