Misconstruing Joe Agi’s (SAN) Rhetoric by enfant Terrible

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18, July 2020

Yesterday didn’t pass quietly as it ought to have been as far as social media in relation to northern political domain is concerned. This disquietness was given steam by rabble rousing activities of Yaho induced fellows.

While the good and peaceful people of Bekwarra nation were busy in their characteristic industrious, innovative, hospitable and easygoing way of life at the farm, office, market, worship centre and at home, their peace and Esteemed regards held by all and sundry were almost murdered and obliterated by the inordinate handiworks of same diminutive enfant Terribles and Hellraisers who peddled a near destabilising rumour against the very revered senior advocate of Nigeria, Mr Joe Agi , an aspirant in the forth coming northern Cross River senatorial by-election in order to sow seed of discord in the heart of the people, nay Bekwarra.

About 48 hours ago Mr. Joe Agi , an illustrious son of ljegu Ojor in Yala LGA while consulting some extract of Ogoja people, made statement that hinges on his professional services to the Ogoja people in the past and sadly,his demagoguery have been misconstrued; twisted out of context, intending message ripped into shreds and self deduced falsehood not from his statement blowing out of proportion just to reduce his reputation and acceptability before the estimation of his supporters; eligible electorate and the general public.

All illustrious sons and daughters of Bekwarra know that Joe Agi being a seasoned lawyer and a man of letters would be reasonable and smart while making statement as it borders on politics at all times. How could a man whose material umbilical cord is traced to Bekwarra would stoope low to cast aspersion upon the breast that suckled him? No man having ambition to represent the people will undermine some of its constituents! No man does that and Joe Agi couldn’t have attempted such pettiness!

I’m glad the vast majority of Bekwarra people have not let those young little devil’s and prisoners of ignorance altered their rationale with their devilry . Ijegu Ojor where Joe Agi hails from, has an element of consanguinity with Bekwarra. Even my uncle (father’s younger brother) is a chief of Akpakpah community in Bekwarra.

I therefore sympathize with those that have constituted themselves into the league of Brutus, casca and conspirational cliques over their inability to understand Agi’s rhetoric which of course is nobody’s doing.

To Bekwarra people that have felt undermined, Joe Ago SAN holds the entire Bekwarra nation at high esteem and would not even in reality of Morpheus belittle them.

I encourage those youths to desist from heating up the polity and rather use their energy in gainful ventures and to our beloved brothers and sisters, the people of Bekwarra to wave this evil with a sleight of hand.

We’re one people-though with different languages. Our Bond is stronger and can’t broken by the handiworks of desperate few.

God bless Bekwarra nation!

God bless Yala nation!

Comr.(Hon) Ogar Emmanuel Oko. Ijegu Ojor Public relations officer.

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