If you have a BVN and an active bank account, register for this job immediately

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July 13, 2020


Are u a senior secondary school certificate holder or you are graduate of higher institution, it is better for you to apply for the ongoing Federal Government Civil Service employment. Here are the requirements you will need for recruitment:

1. BVN

2. Active bank account

3. Active email address

4. National identity

The Federal government has passed a mandate to the Nigerian Police to tell all Nigerians that they have started recruiting new intakes into the police force to replace the old ones, this is because of the breakdown in the economy due to the pandemic and the increase in the rate of joblessness in Nigeria.

The recruitment for new intakes will begin on August 24- 30 of this year, it is free for everyone all over the country.

These are other qualifications that are required:

There are qualifications to be met before you go into the Nigeria police force and begin your quest as police man.

1. You must be in the age range of 17-25

2. You must be Nigerian.

3. You must have a senior secondary certificate and it must not be more than one sitting.

4. Your mental and physical state must be balanced

5. You must be at least 34 inches in height

visit their site for more enquires, please don’t register twice as it will lead to automatic disqualification.

The police spokesman stated that female applicants must not be pregnant at the time of the recruitment.

He said all recruitment processes are done online .

Mba noted that applicants that meet the requirements from the online registration would be invited for physical screening at all state commands, including FCT Command, from 24th August 2020 to 30th August 2020.

The police spokesman said the names of successful candidates will be published in national newspapers on 14th September 2020 and other platforms.

Mba advised persons with certain disabilities not to apply. They include “impediment in speech gross malformation of teeth or jaw preventing proper mastication of food, knocked knees, bowlegs, bent knees (knees which cannot be straightened when standing at attention),”

Persons with “deformed hands which cannot perform the full functions of the hand, defective eyesight or squints eyes and amputation of any part of the body” are also advised not to apply for the recruitment exercise

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