Stroke Is Not Spiritual, Habits That Leads To Stroke

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Stroke Is Not Spiritual, These Are Habits That Leads To Stroke.

Stroke is according to medical terminology can be defined as a situation where by Blood supply to some part of the brain is Interrupted this leads to the prevention of the brain from getting oxygen as well as Nutrients. allowing brain cells to die.

In an average society many people attribute the cause of stroke, most times to having spiritual backing, due to the severity and how stroke victim tend to look outwardly, even in their sick bed.

Most Clergyman Have taken advantage of This fact knowing fully well stroke is a health issue.

Maybe why people believe that stroke has a spiritual Backing is that “stroke” like the Name implies strikes or takes it patient unaware, but not without some warning signs though.

Some Warning signs of Stroke that people Ignore.


Trouble Walking

Problem with your sight, either one or both eyes.

Minor paralysis, in the Face,leg or Arm this leads to Numbness.

Trouble speaking or Understanding what Others are saying.

Some Unhealthy Habits That Leads To Stroke. 

Heavy Alcoholic Drinkers

Illegal Drugs 

Cigarettes Smoking as well as secondhand smoking. 

physical inactivity. 

These are Four Habits that leads to Stroke .

Others Causes are.

Being Overweight

High blood pressure

High Cholesterol

obstructive Sleep

Cardiovascular disease


Family History.

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