Funmi Omo initiative (FOl) Scholarship fund for Female students 2020

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The Funmi omo initiative (fol) scholarship aims to support 5 young , Nigerian women who have gained admission or are already in the university by supporting their academic dreams with scholarships up to N1,500,000 in total for every academic year.

The fol scholarship fund will cover their school fees for a session, books and printables and a personal allowance. We believe that giving young Nigerian women a chance at an excellent education will enrich their future and in turn, they can contribute positively to our society.


1. The sum of N300,000 per student which covers school fees and a discretionary allowce for upkeep.

2. Personal academic and career coaching to give you an edge in your future.

3. Networking with like minded colleagues and mentors, creating a lifetime network.


June 22, 2020.


1. You have gained admission to the university and can show proof of admission.

2. You are between 17 – 28years.

3. You are resident in Nigeria.

4. You are willing to commit to one hour of coaching, delivered online every quarter.

5. You show evidence of an excellent result (4.0GPA) in the previous academic year or you have recently gained admission and have an admission letter into the university.

6. You have a functioning bank account.


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