How the people of Denver protested the death of George Floyd

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The protest for justice hasn’t just ended yet as the people of Denver made their protest.

The protest was to ask for justice of the death of Floyd. George Floyd was killed by a cop by name Dereke.

The cop stood on his neck with his knee for about 8 minutes. He couldn’t breath and he repeatedly told the cop who turned a deaf hear to him.

After about 8 minutes of struggle, George breath his last breath and gave up the ghost.

Unfortunately, this scene was being recorded by a citizen who had come to get something with her cousin in a store, Daniella by name.

She posted the video on social media. People are protesting all over US just for the Justice of this black man.

The people of Denver made there protest by laying on the ground for about 9 minutes and shouting “l can’t breath” this was to demonstrate how George Floyd died.

See pictures below.

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