Ben Akak foundation; Touching lives with sympathy and relief

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The Cross River State government under the guide of his excellency sir Benedict Ayade has been lauded by Nigeria centre of disease control (NCDC) for his emulative and forehanded preventive measures put in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Accolades have been trailing this achievement and the Governor likes it. We all like it too because, it has placed our believed state on global map for positive reason and the world sees us with their prism as beacon of hope regarding any eventuality of combating pestilential disease. This is the fruit of proactiveness.

Albeit, as an individual, l would wish to suggest that the feat be considered a collective achievement and the ultimate glory be ascribed to the maker of the universe.

While this is being considered, we must not bat an eyelid or rest on our oars as the war being waged against the virus is yet over. I so say because it is my deliberate effort to avow that this celebrated feat was achieved with less dissipation of energy as the state government stood on the shoulders of not a few giants in attaining such height.

Amongst them, is the Ben Akak foundation. Though, there are corporate organizations like skyrun international, United Bank of Africa (UBA) and the rest.

On the tapis for discussing, first is the mentioned foundation. I don’t know when the foundation was established and I don’t care to know because it’s immaterial. All I care to know is it’s mission and perhaps vision too! The mission is the apparent reflection what they’ve been doing to better the lives of people and making the world a better place to inhabit.

When the latent heat of the pandemic started having it impacts being felt, the government having realized that the dependency on each other was necessary mostly at the early turn of the outbreak and having know they couldn’t have been self sufficient in the battle of COVID-19; the health commissioner in her many advocacies and sensitization exercises called for the assistance of all and sundry to conjoin forces with the state government.

Not minding the existing stain on the foundation’s budget, due to the number of times it has been called upon for help, Ben Akak foundation took up the gauntlet by answering the noblest and humanistic call by making yet another round of donation.

Moved by the spirit of gratitude over the solidarity of the foundation, Dr.Betta Edu said the foundation has gone beyond bound to show enormous support to the state as this is a fight for humanity.

Items donated was 300 sanitizers, 400 surgical gloves, thermometers, 200 face masks, bags of rice and ₦ 1 million.

Awareness on the virus and many others appears an uphill task. Laborious! In plain language, information on COVID-19 pandemic is still not sufficient for those living in the hinterlands as most of these places aren’t accessible and as such, most of them know little or nothing about the virus.

It’s sequel to the aforesaid that the Ben Akak foundation has embarked on rigorous sensitization campaign in conjunction with the 18 paramount rulers in the state and the Nigeria union of journalists (NUJ) to bring the awareness to the dwellers. The effects of COVID-19 in such places would be fatal with ripple effects due to the communal lifestyle of poor hygiene practices. Therefore, the foundation deserves gift of flowers for its door to door campaign.

No doubt they’re many foundations in the state. But the foundation under consideration stands out and as the only one with far reaching tentacles across the three senatorial districts.

To the administrative team of the foundation, humanity will remain grateful to you all even beyond the vicissitudes of the moment.

To the founder, Engr.Ben Akak, your deeds shall always speak for you better than anything in private and in public.

Comr.(Hon) Ogar Emmanuel Oko.

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