Kajuru crises: 107 killed,49 injured, 66 kidnapped, 111 houses burnt in Kaduna community attacks

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The Adara development association ,ADA, in Kaduna State has cried out over killing and kidnapping of their indigenes by bandits.

The association said no fewer than 107 persons have been killed, 49 injured, about 66 persons kidnapped, 111 houses burnt, 32 villages destroyed and about 20,000 displaced from January, this year to date in Adara community.

A statement issued and made available to daily post in Kaduna State on Friday by the ADA national president, Awemi Dio Maisamari, explained that, it is indeed very sad but not surprising that the terrorist/jihadist war on Adara nation has continued ferociously in the year 2020.

From January to 22/5/2020, the killings, maiming , burning, looting and kidnappings have continued unabated from village to village. Within the period, there have been 63 terrorist attack and kidnapping incidents, more than 107 people killed, more than 66 men, women, girls abducted for ransom, more than 111 houses burnt, another whole 32 villages distroyed and 20,000 persons displaced (especially in the last two weeks)

We have since realized that the usual silence of government when most of these atrocities are being committed actually means consent. Consequently, several occupiers of high public offices have in unison spewed out rationalizations and justifications why mayhem is and must be visited on our timid people.

There are abundant facts to show that terrorist have for long been on the offensive in Adara land just as they have been Nationwide.

Our records show that from 2016 to date, more than 209 terrorist incidents and attacks have occurred. In these incidents, almost 722 lives were lost, 198 persons were injured, 231 persons were abducted or detained and millions of Naira was paid as ransom. There were also more than 817 houses (in addition about 38 whole villages) destroyed.

The statement noted, what appears as ethnic, religions and security challenges are actually, in the final analysis, caused by lack of political will to provide good governance.

Source – www.dailypost.ng

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