19 fascinating facts about female body you don’t know.

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Female body is simply one of the mysterious creations on the earth. How amazing it is to know about some shocking and surprising facts about the female body.

We all know some basic difference between the men’s and women’s body but there are bulk of such interesting facts about female body which rarely people know. From enhanced senses to better resistance from disease, there are some amazing facts about female body worth knowing. Let’s go!

1. Women cry more often than men. Women are simply emotional creatures and thus, it is found that females cry a lot more than male. The reason behind this fact is the female hormone! The female reproductive hormones make women more emotional and cry very often. On an average, women cry 30 – 60 times per year, while men cry around 6 – 17 times approximately.

2. Female Heart beats twice. Females have a heart which is able to beat two times faster than the male heart! A more active heart keeps various diseases at a bay. Now you know what keeps women live longer! In fact, the female Heart is about 1 – 2.5 hours ahead of male heart. As,the female heart is smaller than that of male, it beats fast to complement it’s size.

3. Female body can burn fewer calories compared to male. Female body can burn lesser calories than men. Male bodies have a higher ratio of calorie burn than women. Also , men do have lean muscles which help in burning fat and all that flab in the body.

4. Female body is gifted with amazing flexibility. It is discovered that the female body is amazingly flexible than the male body. It’s would interest you to know that females are born with elastic in their muscles which provide flexibility and a perfect stretch. The reason behind this is to make the regular chores and living easy for women during pregnancy. To carry baby weight and to stay normally is a toung task and thus, flexibility would support women.

5. Female body suffers from fewer illnesses. Women are less likely to have issues in the senses. Women have less hearing issues, less vision issues and such problems than met.

6. Female body is extremely sensitive. Female body is simply filled with a lot of erogenous zones. Women are more sensitive to touch than men. The female body is far more sensitive than male body due to various hormones. The male skin is thicker and thus, less sensitive than female skin. Thin skin layer of females get sensitive to various aspects like touch, sun, dust and so on.

7. Females can differentiate and enjoy the taste of food more than male. Female tongues have more number of taste buds than male tongues. Thus, you enjoy, each and every bite of your food so amazingly. Must of the female are supper tasters and have more number or taste buds and red dots over their tongues. Males require 10 – 20% more sourness or sweetness to identify the exact taste.

8. Female body is capable of multitasking. Aren’t you surprised how women can get along with so many tasks at a time? The answer to the dilemma is, corpus, callosum located in the brain which is larger in female brain than men. This makes females superwomen and can promote multitasking more efficiently.

9. Female hear loud frequencies clearly than males. The female body is able to hear all those loud speakers and music beats quite easily! Women are blessed with Sharp senses and thus it benefits in hearing the loud voices clearly.

10. Female body can respond better to all the senses than male. Female body is amazing with all the senses. Everything from smell, taste, hearing and touch can be better experience by females than males. Females are considered as sensitive gender due to its ability to sense everything quickly and more accurately.

11. Females predict dangers and threats more quickly. Women can predict dangers and have nightmare more than men. Women are prone to have more bad dreams, feel more anxiety and are aware of the surrounding threats. This is due to the high levels of various hormones.

12. Females are emotionally more attached to people than male. Women are filled with oxytocin which is a love hormone. Females have this hormone in a huge amount and thus females are attached and have a great bond with lots of people than males. Also, they tend to be more emotionally expressive than males. Men generally hide the emotions while women showcase them with different actions.

13. All the females have unequal sized breasts. If you watch your breasts and feel they are perfectly equal sized, you would get shocked to know that no females ever can have two equal sized breasts. One breast of a woman is always little or bigger than the second one .

14. Few women surprisingly have two uterus. Some women have two uterus. Generally, you have an idea of one uterus which grows during pregnancy but some women are blessed with two uterus.

15. Females blink 2 times more than male . Studies show that on an average, the females blink more and twice more than males. Generally, the hormones named is estrogen . This make women blink more than men.

16. Females have amazing memory. Women have more brain power and awesome memory than men. Women tend to remember and recall all the words used frequently and also can remember names, human faces, Color’s and other elements very easily.

17. Females live longer than males. On an average, women live more than males. With all the immunity, emotional behaviour, healthy habits and activeness, females do live longer than males.

18. Females usually speak more than males. We finally got an answer to the troubling question we all had, why women speak too much? Simple because they have two word centers which help them speak like 5,000 words a day . In general, women speak around 13000 words more than men. The proteins and elements in female body make women talk more frequently.

19. Females have colder bodies than males. Female bodies are immensely colder than that of male. This is due to hormones and especially due to the formation of their body. There are various processes like metabolism which create heat in the body. In females , the metabolism ratios are low and thus , this keeps the female body colder .

These were some interesting, shocking and cool facts about female body which make women quite different from men. these facts about female body are derived from the regular behaviour of females.

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